Interview with Stéphane Raymond, the creator of the crampons that conquered Cristiano Ronaldo

Founder of Smart Power, the French company that designs optimized crampons currently worn by Cristiano Ronaldo, Stéphane Raymond answered our questions.How and why these crampons make it possible to go faster and help reduce injuries? How did he convince Cristiano Ronaldo to test his crampons? You will know everything in this interview.

Foot Mercato: Hello Stéphane, can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got started in designing crampons?

Stéphane Raymond: My name is Stéphane Raymond, I am 47 years old and I am the founder of Smart Power.Before that, I mainly worked in the automotive sector and in particular for the Michelin group.good experience in terms of ground connection.In 2014, I created my Smart Power company, which specializes in 3D printing.This technology allows us to quickly study and prototype new products.So I took the opportunity to amalgamate crampons and tires since the tire is to the car what the crampon is to the player.For 3 years, I was able to make thousands and thousands of prototypes of crampons before developing the crampon that you currently have and that I started to market in early 2017.

FM: Why did you specifically target the crampons?

SR: I am a motley sportsman.I am very curious and I love all sports.I have practiced football for many years at the amateur level.Today, I work in sport by vocation because I like its values and the emotions it can convey.I chose to limit myself to crampons and not to touch sports shoes directly because by making a comparison with the automobile: Michelin makes tires and Porsche sports cars.Everyone has their job.So I started my business with the aim of becoming “the Michelin” of sport and becoming the ultimate reference in crampon.

Posted Date: 2020-07-09

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