Key accessories in the practice of football, the crampons allow you to keep your support on the field and avoid serious injuries. 

The choice is vast and the models vary according to the season and the type of surface. If you want to play football, but your budget does not allow you to have the right equipment, no worries, there are also second-hand cleats, very little worn by their former owners, which are sold on second-hand sales sites.

Moulded studs, for dry surfaces

The moulded studs are intended for outdoor football practice. They are the most widespread models on the field because they are the most versatile. In fact, they are suitable for playing on dry surfaces, but also on synthetic pitches.  

The sole is made up of non-interchangeable moulded studs. Their size is generally medium because the supports must remain solid but reactive. They can also be used on wet surfaces, but be careful not to slip.  

Screwed crampons for wet surfaces

From September to April, most of the French terrain is wet, so it is necessary to wear screwed crampons to avoid slips and injuries. These models are usually made up of six iron or aluminium studs, longer than the cast versions.  

On muddy, greasy or wet surfaces, the screwed studs provide better stability and support. However, be careful not to use them on dry ground. The longer the stud, the greater the pressure of the support. The foot can get stuck in the ground, causing sprains or tears.  

Hybrid studs for technicians

Designed a few years ago, the hybrid studs are a combination of screwed and moulded studs. They provide better support, especially during races and lane changes. Nevertheless, they are recommended for experienced and technical players. Because of the contribution of screwed crampons, the use of these shoes is recommended on wet terrain.  

Indoor crampons, for indoor soccer

Strictly speaking, indoor studs do not consist of studs. They are actually sports sneakers, modelled for the practice of football. Their sole is flat for practicing Futsal or football on asphalt. Usually made of rubber, the sole ensures good grip to avoid slipping on the floor.

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